Introducing Liquid

An interexchange settlement network linking together cryptocurrency exchanges, brokers, and institutions around the world.

Liquid enables rapid, confidential and secure transfer of funds between members of the network. Liquid innovates on top of Bitcoin by extending its features to securely and privately transfer Bitcoin and other Issued Assets with no single point of failure. It consists of a federation of members which form the backbone of a global financial network powered by digital assets.

Increase Trading Volume

Exchanges who are part of the Liquid Network will increase trade volume and attract more customers by offering competitive spreads, greater liquidity, and low friction options for deposit and withdrawal.

Improve Liquidity

Brokers and OTC trading desks who are part of the Liquid Network can quickly source liquidity around the clock to fulfill customer demand and reduce volatility risk.

Expand Your Markets

Exchanges can expand their markets by easily adding more cryptocurrency pairs to their order book without the need to interact with other blockchains and incur the associated software development costs. This enables greater scalability without compromising security.

Backed by Bitcoin

Liquid bitcoin (L-BTC) is verifiably 1-to-1 backed by Bitcoin. L-BTC can be redeemed as Bitcoin on the main chain at any time.

Issued Assets and Tokenized Fiat

Liquid enables new applications on its blockchain such as tokenized fiat, digital collectibles, reward points, token sales, and attested assets (e.g. gold coins).

It removes the need to integrate new coins and tokens or specialized management of wallets, making it easy to list new pairs..

Rapid and Private Settlement

Transactions are settled within minutes which allows users to safely trade on your platform, faster than with native Bitcoin transactions.

Transaction amounts and asset types are hidden from third parties and who could misuse this information to front-run trades.

Audit and Regulation Friendly

Senders and receivers can prove payment to any third party or reveal their own transaction data to auditors.

Exchanges can provide a proof of reserves in Liquid to customers and regulators without disclosing other sensitive data.

Secure and Reliable

Liquid is secured by a federation with aligned incentives. Bitcoin held by the federation require a high threshold of signers which means there is no single point of failure.

Bitcoin can only be released to the withdrawing member’s Bitcoin wallet, thus reducing theft risk.

Comprised of Industry Leaders

Liquid’s members consist of some of the largest exchanges, trading desks, brokers, and financial institutions in the industry. It opens up connections to new markets and arbitrage opportunities.

Participating in the Liquid Network gives you a front row seat to the next evolution of liquidity in global cryptocurrency markets, alongside a growing number of exchanges, brokers, and OTC trading desks.

Liquid is a global financial network for digital assets secured by federated members. This association will be responsible for the ongoing operation of the network and will define rules and membership requirements. By design, Blockstream has no ownership or control over the network.

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