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Green Wallets with Mnemonic on Hardware Wallet (Android only)

Blockstream Green has full functionality built-in for hardware wallets. This gets you the best of both worlds by granting you access to Blockstream Green multisig security and features, while using your hardware wallet to safely store your own private key.

Currently, we support Ledger Nano S and both the Trezor ONE and the Trezor T hardware wallets. You can see detailed instructions how to use each type below.

  • This setup enhances your funds security. In fact, a Blockstream Green wallet associated with a hardware wallet creates a 2-of-2 multisig wallet where your key is held in cold storage on your hardware device. The other key will be held by the Blockstream Green service and serves to authorize transactions through Two-Factor Authentication.

  • Your 2-of-2 Blockstream Green is different from any other existing single signature wallet you may have already created with your hardware wallet device with other hardware wallet managers.

  • Your 2-of-2 Blockstream Green wallet is also different from any other 2-of-2 Green wallet that has a different mnemonic from the one generated and protected on your hardware wallet device.

New Wallet Set Up and Log In

  1. To use a hardware wallet with Green, you will first need to initialize your hardware device as normal, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When this process is finished, you should have safely recorded the hardware device’s mnemonic, and have a PIN to access the device.

  2. Plug the hardware wallet into your Android device that has a Blockstream Green wallet installed, and open Blockstream Green. It doesn’t matter if you open Green before or after plugging your hardware wallet.

  3. Your device is going to detect your hardware wallet, and prompt you to select which app you want to open it with. Select Blockstream Green.

  4. Enter your hardware wallet PIN:
    • through your smartphone by looking at your Trezor ONE keyboard disposition;
    • through the Ledger Nano S, enter the PIN and open the bitcoin app to login.
  5. You will be logged into your 2-of-2 Blockstream Green wallet:
    • if you didn’t have an existing Green wallet associated with this hardware wallet device, a new 2-of-2 wallet will be created for you.
    • if you had already logged into a Green (or GreenAddress) wallet with this hardware wallet device, you will automatically log back into it.

Using Blockstream Green with your Hardware Wallet

Log into your Green wallet as explained above.

When sending transactions you will be asked to confirm those through your hardware wallet device.

After this physical confirmation, you will also be required to provide a Two-Factor Authentication code (if any, which we strongly advise you to set up).