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Managing a Single Wallet Across Multiple Devices

One of the many advantages of using Blockstream Green is that you get multi-platform support - you can access your wallet from different devices on different operating systems.

To do this, you need to first have a wallet created (on any one of our apps), and have the mnemonic carefully recorded.

Now, install any version of our app on the secondary device that you wish to use. Once it is installed, do not create a new wallet. Instead, tap on Restore Green Wallet and enter your 24-word mnemonic from your original wallet.

After this, the app will ask you to create a PIN (if there is no other PIN-protected mnemonic on your device). It is important to understand that this is not the same PIN that you use to enter your wallet in the original device. Each device can be set up with its own PIN. The mnemonic is common to all devices accessing the same wallet and coins, but each PIN is specific to the device it was created on.

Once you have done this, you can freely access your coins from either device, and make changes as you please. Also, any coins sent or received on one device will be reflected in all other devices connecting to that same wallet.

Managing Multiple Wallets on a Single Device

It is also possible to use a single device and app to access different wallets created by the app’s user. Keep in mind, however, that this will mean carefully managing a separate 24-word mnemonic for each wallet. It is already imperative that you keep any mnemonic safely and secretly recorded, but managing multiple wallets will make very clear as to why!

Let’s imagine that you have created your first wallet (A) and you access it via PIN.

Now, you want to create a separate wallet (B). You do this by clicking on Create New Wallet on the bottom of the “Onboarding” page.

Nonetheless, you will be warned that you can only have one PIN-protected mnemonic at one time on a network. (Your mnemonic is what allows you to recover your wallet after you have done this.)

  • If you want to access this new wallet (B) via PIN, you need to erase the PIN existing for wallet (A). Accessing wallet (A) will allow accessing it by typing the 24-words mnemonic from the Restore Green Wallet in the “Onboarding” screen.
    1. Delete the PIN for wallet (A):
      • either by accessing wallet (A) via PIN, and erasing PIN from settings,
      • or by inputting a wrong PIN 3 times.
    2. Go back to the “Onboarding” screen, tap on Create New Wallet and you will be guided through the new wallet setup process.
  • If you press OK you will be guided through the new wallet setup process, but you will not be able to set a PIN for this wallet, and you will will be able to access it by typing the 24-words mnemonic from the Restore Green Wallet in the “Onboarding” screen.

Once you have generated the new wallet (B), you will have a separate mnemonic for that wallet, and your app will default to asking you for the PIN of that newly created wallet (B).

Now, some of you may note that this isn’t all that convenient, having to re-enter your mnemonic each time you switch wallets.

That is correct; it’s not a function that we generally recommend our users to use. Instead, if you wish to keep several different accounts for different groups of coins, we recommend that you use our simple account feature.