Frequency Guide

Table of Contents

This page summarizes several frequencies of interest.

Signal Bands

Blockstream Satellite operates in Ku high band, Ku low band and C band, depending on region. Ku high band is used in North America and South America. Ku low band is used in Africa, Europe, and Asia. C band is used in the Asia-Pacific region.

Band Frequency Range
C band 3.7 GHZ - 4.2 GHz
Ku low band 10.7 to 11.7 GHz
Ku high band 11.7 to 12.75 GHz

Signal Frequencies

The following table summarizes the transmission bands and frequencies of the signals that we broadcast in each coverage region:

Satellite Band Frequency
Galaxy 18 Ku High 11913.4 MHz
Eutelsat 113 Ku High 12066.9 MHz
Telstar 11N Africa Ku Low 11452.1 MHz
Telstar 11N Europe Ku Low 11505.4 MHz
Telstar 18V Ku Ku Low 11506.75 MHz
Telstar 18V C C 4057.4 MHz

L-band Frequencies

Next, the following table summarizes the L-band frequencies to be used in each region based on the typical LNB local oscillator (LO) frequencies:

LO Frequency 5150 MHz 9750 MHz 10600 MHz 10750 MHz
Galaxy 18     1313.4 MHz 1163.4 MHz
Eutelsat 113     1466.9 MHz 1316.9 MHz
Telstar 11N Africa   1702.1 MHz    
Telstar 11N Europe   1755.4 MHz    
Telstar 18V Ku Band   1756.75 MHz    
Telstar 18V C Band 1092.6 MHz